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Spanos Dimitrios

Air conditioning & Refrigeration Engineer, Heating & Climate Engineers, Renewable Energy Sources


Our store is the only one on Paros specialized in air conditioning an renewable energy sources. Our experience since 1997 makes us to be able to satisfy every need of an individual or a professional with a wide range of air conditioning and ventilation systems. Representing the largest company, Mitsubishi, and others like LG, GREE, NIPPON, will surely satisfy you both in being and in service. We also provide integrated solutions for photovoltaic systems interconnected or autonomous. In our installations, whose designs are done be engineers experienced in designing photovoltaic systems, we use high-quality photovoltaic modules, inverters & electrical equipment, which allow us to guarantee the maximum efficiency of the installation and therefore the greatest possible profit for the investor. Taking into account the particularities of the building, we choose the optimal location for the system in order to achieve the maximum duration of peak performance. It is certain that our collaboration will be sincere and you will be satisfied by all means.

Air conditioning & Refrigeration Engineers, Shop equipment, Industrial machinery Service


Welcome to our store where we offer products and services of high quality. We design and implement reliable solutions for any professional and always stay beside them. We offer professional cookers, electrical & gas, a wide range of refrigerators, ventilation systems, inox constructions, washing machines, dryers, ironing systems, high technology ovens, ice machines, bar equipment, etc. As representatives of Electrolux we offer you the environmentally friendly (and friendly for your pocket), Green Spirit Machinery, the full range of which, along with certification, only Electrolux has. With years of experience, we also offer you after sales service, with highly trained staff. So if you need a reliable and honest partner who will support you in the difficult and challenging times we live and you cannot find him, it is certain tha a partnership with Spanos Professional will make you reconsider it.